IMagINe if you were capable of helping a child discover their skills and build their confidence. IMagINe if you were able to join a cause that empowered children to live a healthier life style while achieving more. IMagINe if you were the support behind a child flourishing into a promising athlete. IMagINe if you helped instill the basic fundamentals needed for a youngster to lead a more successful, promising future. IMagINe if you could simply make a child happy. It’s possible. Together, we will do this.

We believe a child’s innate curiosity and desire to play has the ability to transform into something great. But a youngster may be deterred by unfortunate circumstances, such as poverty. We want all children to have the opportunity to participate in athletics, regardless of their situation.

Imagine the potential if every child was provided access to athletic equipment and resources. It would help them discover their talents and lead a healthy, more active lifestyle while developing self-esteem, enhancing communication and building skills and a strong foundation for a successful future.

This is why….

Our mission is to ensure that youth facing financial hardships in the communities we serve have the opportunity to excel both athletically and academically by providing the necessary resources, supplies and equipment.

One kid at a time, one school at a time… we will make a difference.