There are thousands of schools that don’t have the funds to maintain sporting programs, which as a result, leaves countless children deprived of participating in athletics. We want to change that, and once given the support needed, we’ll not only help those in the athletic realm, but will instead empower all kids facing financial hardships to thrive in life by providing necessary resources to accomplish greater both academically and athletically.

IMagINe if you were capable of helping a child discover their skills and build their confidence. IMagINe if you were able to join a cause that empowered children to live healthier and achieve more. IMagINe if you were the support behind a child flourishing into a promising athlete, all because the help was accessible. IMagINe if you helped instill the basic fundamentals needed to lead a more successful, promising future. IMagINe if you could simply make a child happy. Well, it’s possible. Together, we can do this. And we will.